Preparing Your UK Home For Flooding

It is never an easy thing to do, but those that plan before it happens, have a good chance of being able to prepare their homes for flooding and of course protect their most valuable items in the meantime. This article contains vital information to help you to prepare for a flood.

Check Your Homes Position in the Flood Path

First up river and sea flooding are unavoidable, should the heavens open and the rain fall down. If you know that the weather forecast is not going to go in your favour, you can check the environmental website provided by the government and see if you property is in the direct path of the river or sea that is going to flood over when the rain starts to fall.

Make Sure That Your Property Is Insured For Flooding

If you are a homeowner or rent a property one of the most important things that you should do is ensure that your home is insured for flooding. A lot of insurance companies offer cheap insurance, but have some small print inside the policy that effectively allows them to side step having to insure your home for natural flooding. It is very important that you pay close attention to detail to your homes insurance policy.

When Flooding Is Inevitable Protect Your Home from Flood Waters

Flood waters can come gradually, or you can suddenly experience a huge gush of water, flooding inside your property. However they come though, one thing that is for sure is that if your home is not well protected before the flood water comes, you are going to lose valuable items and suffer a lot of damage that could have you living out of your property and in discomfort for a very long time. When you learn that the weather is going to take a turn for the worse, if you have a basement in your property you can rent a water pump, and place it inside, ready to drain out the water that will without invitation seep through your doors and walls.

Invest in sand bags and a lot of plastic sheeting to put down against doors and windows. This will help to keep as much water out as possible. Park your car in a high up place, so that the strength of the water will not be able to wipe out your vehicle. Keep your passports, health documents and other important paperwork in a very high up place, inside plastic bags and seal them. This will be a huge help in the event that you need to evacuate quickly. Any fabricated items like sofas, cushions, blankets, rugs etc., pick them up from the ground floor of your property and take them to the next level. Do not leave anything unsecured, and ensure that all dangerous items are locked away, and inside a cupboard. When the water comes in later on you will not be able to see where dangerous items are, and this will help you to avoid injury. Invest in life jackets, and waterproof clothing. Also, if possible try and have a boat or a canoe tied up outside your home, should you need to make your escape by river!

Flooding is a huge problem in the UK and in recent years it something that is becoming more and more common. This is of course because of the ever changing ozone layer and the effects of global warming.