Information: The Best Flood Defence There Is

When you’re scratching around for more sandbags, or in many cases this winter, standing guard over the precious few that are keeping the floodwaters out of your front door, you would not appreciate being directed to the Environment Agency Nobody appreciates ‘I told you so!’

If your home is at risk of flooding though? Timely information really is your best defence. So you should have this valuable website bookmarked in your favourites. Front and centre of the homepage of this website is the flood line phone number, where you can hear the latest information at times of heightened flood risk.

At other times there is so much more information that can spare you heartache and save you money. For example; if you are even considering buying a home at risk, you can learn what is happening locally to defend against the rising waters. Your conveyancing solicitor will not go to this trouble. Neither will your valuer.

Flood defence schemes are the unsung heroes of this winter. You may find this hard to believe given the frenzied and emotionally charged media coverage of this winter’s storm. But, far fewer homes and businesses actually suffered total flooding this year, more than ever before. It’s a record to be proud of. Thanks to the foundation work of the Agency and their partnerships with your local authority.

You owe it to yourself to get informed about the latest situation around you. So do more digging online than sandbagging.

Floods Are the #1 Natural Disaster in the US

All 50 states suffered from flash floods and high rainfall in the last 2 years. The climate in America is not immune to the dangers from global warming and every citizen at risk should refer to This is the website of the NFIP, or National Flood Insurance Program.

You may be surprised to learn that your standard home insurance coverage does not pay for flood damage or loss. It’s up to you to make special insurance arrangement, but the government is a big help through the NFIP.

Did you know that you can get help in time of flood disaster in the form of a Federal loan? And the interest is only 4 percent. It is great values when compared to a commercial insurance policy. Your home and or business may be eligible for the ‘Preferred Risk Policy’ that can cost as little as $130 for your house and all your possessions ($643 for your business).

Eligibility is dependent upon your community being part of the NFIP. You can find out if this is the case at the website. It is vital to get insurance coverage before the rain starts. Like Noah and his ark, advance planning is everything. You see it take 30 days for coverage to take effect after you buy the policy. So don’t delay, get covered today.

Nobody can afford to miss out on this, but especially if you are in a high risk area.