The Seriousness of Floods in UK Hospitals can Lead to Negligence Claims

Flooding in the UK has recently become a very big problem. It’s no secret that we are accustomed to the rain and getting out your umbrella and Wellington boots will never be a shock for those that are used to the good old British weather.

It will, however, be a shock for those that are sick and relying on the hospital to be able to perform lifesaving surgeries in the operating theatre. This is a huge problem that has started to become a reoccurring topic of recent years. Many NHS hospitals around the country have been subject to closures of their theatres, down to nothing other than the good old rain. Hospitals are a place for the sick to go, and be cared for. They are not really equipped for torrents of rain, and floods of water streaming through.  Although, of course, they really should be!

A Terrible Example of Mother Nature at Her Worst

In 2012, patients and staff at Northallerton Hospital found out the hard way when they were forced to close the operating theatre after the local stream over flew and wound up inside the hospital. This led to carting around bed ridden patients to higher grounds, in an effort to stop them from getting drenched with the water that seeped inside with the torrential rain.

Fire-fighters worked outside to try to pump the water out of the area, and divert it to the local river, but as you can imagine it is not such an easy job. The hospital staff were quite literally tied up in a head long battle with mother nature working at her worst. It was also a very stressful time for the patients who had of course been waiting for their turn on the list, to have their surgery performed, and to be suddenly told, sorry; we simply cannot do this today it can be heart breaking.

If a hospital does get flooded and patients are harmed in any way or injured in some cases they can claim for negligence against the hospital for example they could contact a no win no fee medical negligence claims solicitors such as MedicalNegligenceAssist, because their health deteriorated. No one is to know if this was solely down to the flooding, or of course, the stress and disappointment that was brought alongside with the bad news of their surgery being cancelled. It wasn’t very fair though that they had to have this happen to them.

When the rain flows, it just keeps on flowing and well sadly, for some of the patients who were stopping there it was quite literally a matter of life and death.  Flood waters that leaked into the wards were contaminated with sewage, had parasites inside, and of course, it was just not healthy for the patients sleeping on the wards to have water passing though. It brings about other health complications that would not otherwise be there. The basic hygiene needs of patients are not able to be met. Food cannot be served correctly, and of course loved ones are unable to gain entry to the wards to visit. It is certainly an eye opener, and something that the government needs to focus on more strongly.  Let’s hope so because it is inevitable that the UK will be subject to more floods and treacherous weather. In fact, each and every year the coast line of the UK shrinks, and well we are just an island in the middle of the ocean!